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  • Welcome to Tau Delta Phi Fraternity!

    Welcome to Tau Delta Phi Fraternity!

    "He shall not want, as long as I breathe, for he is my brother."

  • Welcome to Tau Delta Phi Fraternity!

    Welcome to Tau Delta Phi Fraternity!

  • Exceptional Direction

    Exceptional Direction

    We believe that... "Tau Delta Phi is a way of life. A way of life deeply concerned with the growth and development of the individual."

  • Dynamic Purpose

    Dynamic Purpose

    "Tau Delta Phi is a way of life which encourages better scholarship, broadens outside interests, and builds social poise."


Tau Delta Phi Fraternity develops a brotherhood of exemplary leaders whose character and reputation earn respect and uncommon admiration.

Our Vision

The Mission of Tau Delta Phi Fraternity

Tau Delta Phi’s ritual is the guiding light which leads our men toward success.

Tau Delta Phi Fraternity is a commitment that encourages academic excellence, fosters good moral decisions, and enhances the ideals of brotherhood through the holistic development of its undergraduate and alumni members. Our relationship with our campus partners and society affords us the opportunity to discover men of character and develop the standard of tomorrow’s leaders.


A well-enlightened chapter or national administration makes for a high fraternity morale

- Herman L. Baskin, PGC, CK
Author: The Administrative Guide of The Tau Delta Phi Fraternity, 1st Edition, 1933

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